Riti Kapoor Chopra


The Story of Being a Trainer

My first training session was when I stood before a group of 60 students sans any experience. It was to replace a trainer who failed to turn up. For me, it was a moment of challenge. Either I could walk away or accept it. ‘No’ wasn’t an option at all, as I am a risk taker. Interestingly, it just took me a couple of minutes to be comfortable speaking to the receptive audience. That’s when I realized my calling and The Trainer was born.

Changing the world, transforming lives, imparting knowledge, and standing before a huge audience to influence them was my innate desire. Money was to follow as a by-product. The odds were great competing with the PhDs and Post-Graduates in a new arena. But being the person, I am, I took the plunge and emerged successful.As a Trainer, Speaker and Educator, I instill self-belief I specialize in online soft skills training for employees in mumbai.