The Story of Being a Trainer

My first training session was when I stood before a group of 60 students sans any experience. It was to replace a trainer who failed to turn up. For me, it was a moment of challenge. Either I could walk away or accept it. ‘No’ wasn’t an option at all, as I am a risk taker. Interestingly, it just took me a couple of minutes to be comfortable speaking to the receptive audience. That’s when I realized my calling and ‘The Trainer’ was born.

Changing the world, transforming lives, imparting knowledge, and standing before a huge audience to influence them was my innate desire. Money was to follow as a by-product. The odds were great competing with the PhDs and Post-Graduates in a new arena. But being the person, I am, I took the plunge and emerged successful.

Finding My Mojo

I stepped onto the training ground confident yet raw and vulnerable as a new entrant. My first Power Point presentation captured 10 extraordinary lives who rose to fame and success against all odds. In it, an 8th Grader became an Oscar winner while a dyslexic student became an Olympic gold medallist. I realized comparatively my obstacles were negligible.

With this strong inspiration, I moved on to stand on a podium reigned by trainers with a number of degrees, certifications, and recognitions to flaunt. In a room of 500 people sans any certifications, I knew I had the inevitable mojo that a trainer requires – ‘The Connection with the Audience’. With single-minded devotion, I delved to explore the uncharted waters as my superpowers of a speaker and nurturer unleashed.

My Vision for the Youth

Having experienced various challenges as a youth, I connect to the youngsters who come from different disciplines for mentoring and counseling. They crave to know their future and choose their careers. Unfortunately, academics miss out on helping them decide what they really need in life. Showing them the direction and giving them a vision to achieve is what I focus on.

I took up training as a career in my second innings, and I am happy that I did it. Ultimately, the purpose is to be happy with what you do. But, unfortunately, our courses miss aligning the youth to their talent. That’s where I try to step in and do my bit to give back to the society. I put in my efforts to show the youth a path in their life. I want to help them face the world with ease.

Being Straightforward

A bold and straightforward approach to everything in life defines me. I call a spade, a spade. This leads to incidents where I correct or object participants directly and even refuse trainings that could overload participants in a single go.

In a crowd of hundreds of people, I never fear to express my opinion. The word diplomacy doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. Ultimately, people realize this and come back with a deeper trust in me. At the same time, I take criticism in my stride. I always believe in being transparent, authentic, honest, and genuine in my interactions.

Balancing the Professional and Personal Front

Once, I remove my trainer’s hat, I am a doting mother, a caring daughter, loving wife, and an adoring sister. What I am today has a strong influence of my parents. Being disciplined is a trait that comes to me from my mother and that of being committed from my father. In fact, I have acquired valuable lessons from every person around me including those in my fraternity and even those who have been critical of my work.

I am a passionate Kathak dancer. I have been trained in classical dance and in Indian folk dance. Besides dancing, I love music, travelling, partying, and taking part in various rallies. Often complimented for my energy and happiness quotient, people flock around me as they find a dependable and approachable friend in me.