Seven Practices for Being an Effective Person

Look at any successful person and you will notice they religiously stick to certain habits and practices in life. This session will help you to be impactful and different by helping you to:

  • Gain insider secrets to best practices
  • Know the art of selective prioritization
  • Enhance productivity through collaboration
  • Develop a win-win perspective with total ease

Six Hats of Critical Thinking

In complex situations, critical thinking plays a crucial role in evaluating new ideas, selecting the best ones, and improvising them. This workshop will help you to:

  • Gather objective information
  • Approach a challenge with different perspectives
  • Engineer switch in thinking without offending others
  • Understand parallel, lateral, creative, and critical thinking

Happy Workspaces

Happiness has a multiplying effect. A positive work environment encourages risk-taking and fosters collaboration. Happy employees are successful employees. This workshop will help to:

  • Improve work culture and productivity
  • Generate trust and employee commitment
  • Provide work responsibility and creativity
  • Develop positive, focused, and efficient employees